Provision of Skroska School Students with School Packs Print

This project aimed at supporting the 230 students of Skroska School, which is situated in one of the poorest and most remote rural areas of Qukёs Commune, through provision with high quality school packs consisting of a school bag and various necessary school items.

The project was designed based on the needs and continuous requests of children, teachers, parents, community and local government leaders expressed and presented in their meetings and discussions with CAF representatives. The idea was highly supported by Ms. Renate Herrmanns and Mr. Frank Dalton during a visit to Skroska community with CAF representatives and was further developed through other discussions and negotiations with various supporters.

Herlitz Company in Germany provided its great support through provision with very high quality school packs. Scholz Company made possible their transportation from Germany to Tirana, whereas German Embassy and OSCE presence in Albania through their own representatives supported the whole process including transportation of goods to the Skroska School.

With the big support of all of those partners, CAF made possible the successful coordination and implementation of the project, which was finalized with the school pack delivery associated with a big “Thank You Concert” was organized by Skroska School students, teachers, community and Commune members.