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Our Partners

  • OSFA Open Society Foundation Albania
  • CEC (Citizens for Engaged Communities)
  • NEPC Network of Education Policy Center
  • OSI/OSF Open Society Institute
  • OSCE Presence in Albania
  • ADC Austrian Development Cooperation
  • MTO Educational Society of Malopolska
  • Onderlinge's Gravenhage Netherland
  • MARA Groningen Foundation
  • MARA Maastricht Foundation
  • MARA Delft Foundation
  • Partnere per femijet
  • Swedish Children’s Ombudsman
  • Various national and international NGOs that share common interests and values
  • Local Government
  • District Directorates of Education
  • Student Governments and School Boards
  • School Directorates

Accomodation and Conference center Visit Villatafaj.com

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