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“Working together for a better and more inclusive education”, was a project funded by OSI/OSF, that was successfully implemented by CAF. The main goal of this project was to increase parents’ and students’ active role in the improvement and democratization of the school life and development of a more inclusive school.

Its main objectives were:

1) To increase awareness among students, parents, teachers and other school community members of the importance of parents’ and students’ leading structures,

2) To empower parents and students through strengthening of Parents Councils (PCs) and Students Governments (SGs) and their cooperation with other decision-making structures.

Its purpose and objectives were achieved through an active involvement of all the project beneficiaries and other stakeholders and a successful implementation of various participatory activities such as: a large awareness-raising campaign; awareness workshops with parents, students, teachers, school administrators and other stakeholders; monitoring and supporting of the development of a democratic election process of Parent Councils and Students Governments, training of the newly elected Parents Councils and Students Governments and encouraging and supporting their joint advocacy actions. The main project activities were implemented on 9 primary and secondary schools and communities of Elbasan, Librazhd, Durres and Mirdita Districts and was completed in May 2015.

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