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Based on its mission, main goal and objectives for an inclusive education and a strong school-family-community cooperation as well as on the new law on the pre-university education, the project designed by CAF (FJA) in consultation with OSFA aims at the enhancement of the role of parents in the school life and in the decision-making process.

The project will be implemented through a participatory approach, which will ensure an active participation of parents and other school community members. Its main goal will be achieved through a successful implementation of various project activities, which have been planned based on previous positive experiences, current needs as well as suggestions and recommendations provided through research and a large consultation process.

Main goal and objectives:

Main Goal: The project aims at the enhancement of the role of parents in the school life and especially in the decision-making process for the improvement of the education quality.

Objective 1: Advocacy and awareness-raising at school and community level on the importance of an active involvement in the school life and in the establishment  and functioning of inner school decision-making structures.

Objective 2. To support and develop a democratic and participatory election process of Parent Councils, as the basic structure for the selection of parent candidates for other important decision-making  bodies.

The project will be implemented in 9 primary and secondary schools of Elbasani, Librazhd, Korca and Mirdita Districts. We have involved the primary school of Rubik town in Mirdita District in order to enable an integration of the positive results and practices of the two previous projects focused on school into a comprehensive family and community based intervention.

Some of the main activities comprise advocacy, awareness-raising meetings and workshops at community level; distribution of awareness-raising publications; identification and mentoring of the most active persons who are highly committed to the strengthening of parents' and other community members' voice  and role in education; provision of support and monitoring of a democratic election process of Parents Councils, as the main source of parent candidates for other inner school decision-making structures as well as supporting advocacy actions of parents groups or target school communities.

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