Development of Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs) and Public Achievement in the Balkans PDF Print E-mail

It is a project that was implemented in 4 primary and secondary schools of  Elbasan and Librazhd districts through a close cooperation between Children Are the Future and the Polish Organization MTO with the financial support of Citizens for Engaged Communities and Charles Merril.

After a four-day training of 24 teachers, school directors and parents in September 2012 by two experts of MTO with the support of CAF, the work was highly concentrated on the consolidation of the PTA Statutes and development of new mini-project proposals. After a number of consultation meetings with CAF representatives, the statute and project of each PTA were further developed, the  projects were approved and the contracts were signed between CAF/FJA and each PTA.

The four PTAs started their work with awareness-raising meetings with teachers, parents, school administrators, students, local government representatives and other community members on the mission, main purpose and objectives of the newly established PTA and on the purpose, objectives and main activities of the projects that they would implement with an active participation of all the stakeholders as well as with the technical support of FJA/CAF and with financial support of MTO and CEC.


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