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This is a two-year project that was successfully implemented by CAF with the financial support of Open Society Foundation in Albania (OSFA) in two primary and secondary schools of Polis village in the Librazhd District and Rubik in the Mirdita District during July 2011 – June 2013. It aimed at the establishment and strengthening of School-Family-Community Partnership and the establishment of a comprehensive partnership Model and successful practices of parent and community involvement that can be replicated and further developed in other schools at local, district and national level.

This goal was achieved through:
•    Awareness workshops with teachers, students, parents, school administrators, district education authorities, local government and other community members on the importance of school-family-community cooperation to the development of more inclusive, equitable and democratic school communities
•    Training of parents, teachers and school administrators on:
-    Effective techniques of communication and cooperation with children that avoid discrimination, punishment, humiliation and exclusion and encourage commitment, cooperation and creativity; 
-    Six types of parent and community involvement (Parenting, Communication, Volunteering, Learning at Home, Decision-making and Collaborating with the Community) and various related school, family and community-based activities
-    Important elements of a successful School-Family-Community Partnership Program and importance of active participation and cooperation of all the stakeholders in its successful designing and implementation,
•    Establishment of an Action Team for Partnerships in each target school composed of teachers, parents, students and other community members that would coordinate designing and implementation of school-based partnership programs and their annual action plans,
•    Preparation of a specific manual for the Action Teams for Partnerships based on research and various publications on School, Family, Community Partnerships.
•    Designing and implementation of a school-based Partnership Program and of an Annual Action Plan  in each school, which comprised various mini-projects and activities

Taking into consideration the importance of a successful School, Family, and Community Partnership to the development of a more inclusive education, CAF in cooperation with OSFA is working on converting it into a national program that will require the support of the Ministry of Education and other education institutions. 





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