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“Promoting Volunteering Among Youth” was successfully implemented by “Children Are the Future” (CAF) or “Femijet Jane e Ardhmja” (FJA) with the financial support of EACEA within the Youth in Action Program. The one-week training course and its follow-up activities aimed at raising awareness and deepening the understanding among youth of the values and importance of volunteering to the enrichment of their personal, social and professional skills and competencies, as well as to the development of the whole community.

The project was organized in the city of Pogradec, in Albania with 28 youth representatives from Germany, Netherlands, France, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo, Albania and Turkey, from 29 April to 5 May 2012. The training was developed by highly experienced national and international trainers and it was coordinated and facilitated by professional staff of CAF, which was the hosting organization.

Besides introduction to the key elements, concepts and effective techniques of volunteering, and positive aspects and benefits of EVS,  the participants were given the opportunity to exchange experiences with and learn from each other, understand and celebrate their cultural diversity through workshops on Intercultural Learning, “Intercultural Evening” and other activities, develop project writing skills and competencies and prepare action plans for future activities in their own communities and at large.

Its main objectives were:

•    To introduce the youth representatives to the core values of volunteering and its importance to their personal and community development

•    To increase active participation of young people in the process of volunteering

•    To promote intercultural learning and increase respect for cultural diversity

•    To train the participants in developing and organizing volunteering projects or actions in their own countries or through cross-border initiatives

•    To promote the Youth in Action Program, EVS and European Year of Volunteering as one of the best sources that supports youth and volunteering activities

The whole training course was organized through the non-formal education approach, which involved various  participatory methods, such as: pair and group work, open group discussions, theoritical input from trainers team, brainstorming, debates, role-play, simulation games, ice-breakers and energizers, and group presentations.

The project received notes of high appreciation by all the participants through oral and written evaluation.






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